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BUTTERFLIES NURSERY and day care centre, situated in the heart of Umm Al Quwain has been established to meet the needs of today\'s children. Butterflies is a home away from home with a happy, caring atmosphere. \"Butterflies\" has been beautifully designed to provide quality care and education in a safe and stimulating environment.The name speaks for itself... Yes! The colours, the vibrancy and the freedom that is attached to the name is something that has made our nursery a class apart. Butterflies Nursery is a place where love, warmth, security, education, fun and happiness all merge.We encourage learning through the play way method. We mould and nurture every child\'s potential and instill laughter and creativity, helping them to be the very best. We give them the finest facilities to encourage talent. We ensure that they get a balanced education, alongside students of other nationalities thereby fostering mutual respect and enabling them to become global citizens.Our SystemThe nursery has a unique blend of English and Arabic education. The children are grouped according to age as follows:The Baby Section provides care for babies from the age of 3 months to \'walking stage\'. To ensure your baby\'s emotional stability and happiness we will follow as closely as possible, the routine already established at home. Not only for meals and sleep but also the ways your baby prefers to eat,rest,sleep times but also the ways your baby prefers to eat, rest, sleep or play. It is these smaller details that are so important in making it a real home away from home. A multi sensory environment provides a stimulating foundation for all areas of development and our dedicated and experienced nannies will provide love, comfort and security ensuring the very best care for your baby in every way. A record of your baby\'s day will be kept so as to keep you fully informed. We enhance your baby\'s environment with soft toys, colourful books, and music. This warm and caring atmosphere will promote their healthy development.Toddler classes provide care for children from the \'walking stage\' to 2 years.Children in the toddler group are encouraged to become more mobile and independent through the use of toys and activities that are specifically designed for this age group. Toddlers are beginning to think through their actions, solve problems, and understand language. They thrive on new experiences, so we provide them with a safe, nurturing environment that allows each child to develop naturally, individually, and happily. Weekly progress and activity reports will be sent home.The Nursery Section (N1)cares for children between 2 and 3 years of age. Your two-year old is ready to explore and discover the world around him or her. We spark your child\'s sense of discovery by providing a colourful, enriching environment that offers a wide variety of educational toys and materials. We encourage purposeful play as an important tool for learning during these early years. Children have many opportunities to develop their hand eye co-ordination and manual dexterity skills through the use of puzzles and constructional toys. A variety of activities will be introduced, to ensure that children learn basic skills such as shape and colour recognition etc. Because your two-year old is learning words so quickly and beginning to express thoughts, we use activities like reading books aloud, nursery rhymes, and songs to expand your child\'s language skills. A fun, safe atmosphere filled with self-directed activities gives your child the independence he or she is so eager to enjoy and helps prepare your child to make the transition into preschool.The Foundation Year (N2) provides care for children aged between 3 and 4 years of age. As this is the year before your child starts formal education, the day has more structure. We cater to provide a curriculum which ensures a complete learning experience for each child through a play way method. Although expectations are higher we never forget the importance of providing a caring and fun atmosphere with an emphasis of individual development and growth. As we are aware that many children joining the foundation year have just turned three, our emphasis is still on a relaxed, flexible and caring atmosphere, where we continue to work in partnership with parents to provide loving care.Our structured approach to both learning and play ensures all round development and encourages children to reach their full potential. Our goal is to prepare your child for the educational challenges they will face as they continue to develop. Meeting their needs as early as the infant stage will greatly promote understanding and enjoyment of schooling throughout the years to come. Our activities help develop the motor co-ordination, enhances the cognitive and psycho-motor skills in the child. We work to make certain that each student leaves with a confident approach to life, an enquiring mind and a generous heart.Butterfly Nursery we work to make certain that each student leaves with a confident approach to life, an enquiring mind and a generous heart.

Address: P O Box 2936, Dubai, Dubai, 44621

Telephones: 06 7664205


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